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Our professional development courses will give you all the resources you need to run a successful STEM or STEAM program for grades 3 to 8:

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These Courses Are For:

  • 📌 New STEM, STEAM, or makerspace teachers who need help jumpstarting a successful STEM program at their school

  • 📌Experienced teachers who need more engaging but relevant project ideas to challenge their students

  • 📌After School program coordinators who are looking for engaging hands-on enrichment programs without worrying about materials

  • 📌Educators who want to supplement their curriculum with easy-to-integrate STEAM programs

Why Teachers Love Our Courses:

Can I tell you that I have taught a ton of after school classes in my career and this Bitspace Wearables class is a dream come true - seriously. I am Team Bitspace all the way!
—K. Redmond

Karen and I both really liked the way the curriculum was organized. We liked how the platform had pictures and text intermingled to show what the text was talking about and close-ups of the wiring. This was super helpful!
—V. Wilson

I really enjoyed this course! It was very informative and supports my philosophy of what education should be. I want to thank you also for the thought-provoking exercises.....WOW! I cannot wait to put my plan into action and share it with my colleagues :)
—R. Metz

Our Course Offerings:

Our best-selling programs fall under TWO categories:
Electronics and Woodworking.

Each of the courses you'll find below includes ALL of the following:


Train at your own pace with our digestible online courses.


You'll receive your own teacher's kit to practice on as you learn.


Get ISBE state-approved professional development hours for every course completed.

And FREE access to our curriculum if you sign up before March 17, 2022!
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Electronics Courses
(Teach them online or in person!)

Walk your students through a basic understanding of circuitry through projects. Students can then carry that understanding into the creation of additional projects and activities.


1. Wearable Electronics!

(Student Grade Levels: 3 to 8)

This course will introduce students to circuits as they use various electronic components combined with textiles to assist in the creation or modification of smart clothes. Students will be able to express themselves through a combination of engineering and art while learning many new skills; from sewing and making to electronics.

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2. RGB Lightboxes

(Student Grade Levels: 4 to 8)

Combining the power of electronics, graphic design, and laser-cutting to build a unique and expressive creation, this project is the perfect introduction to simple circuits with a real and fun purpose behind concepts of basic circuitry. Students will learn about LED’s, breadboards, potentiometers and more, all the while creating a custom and unique lightbox.

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3. Robots

(Student Grade Levels: 6 to 8)

This course is designed to support you in setting up a Robots! enrichment program using our supplied kits. Each chapter presents a new aspect of using Arduino hardware and software as it helps students build coding and engineering skills by utilizing the power of design prompts and material constraints. And, when all is said and done, they get to make some really cool robots.

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Woodworking Courses

Students will learn to design, build and test their very own creation in this hands-on learning project that introduces design thinking, woodshop tools & techniques, and a launching point for making.


1. Race It!

(Student Grade Levels: 3 to 6)

Feats of strength, speed and beauty abound in our Make It, Race It course. Students have the opportunity to design, build and test their very own racing vehicle in this hands-on learning project that introduces students to design thinking, and woodshop tools and techniques.

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2. Play It!

(Student Grade Levels: 4 to 8)

Our Make It, Play It! class allows for true iteration as students create a series of physical rough drafts and build on techniques to gain an understanding of the scope of what they can create. Each week students learn new skills and tools that they immediately apply.

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Need materials for your students?

You can either put together your own supplies or order ready-to-use kits from us by clicking below.

We can ship them to your school for students to pick up or deliver them straight to your students' homes!

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