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I really enjoyed this course! It was very informative and supports my philosophy of what education should be. I want to thank you also for the thought-provoking exercises.....WOW! I cannot wait to put my plan into action and share it with my colleagues :)
—R. Metz

What if there was a way to get MORE out of professional development?

Having worked with over 2000 educators across the U.S., we discovered that:

  • 👉Teachers often feel pressured to take PD on their own time

  • 👉Hustling became the norm to supplement their income

  • 👉Teachers have a thousand and one other things on their list to cram into their typical workday

To support educators, we've developed a (now FULLY tested) program to help them hit a few goals in one go...


BitSpace’s "Get PD, Get Paid" Program for Teachers

Offer one of our STEAM-based courses as an after school enrichment program, and get paid to put what you’ve learned into practice!

You can start with a small group of self-selected students (Grades 3 to 8) and eventually leverage those skills in your everyday classroom.


Here's How It Works

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Enroll Students

Offer one of our courses as a paid enrichment program at your school.

We'll provide you with done-for-you (DFY) marketing materials to set you up for online registrations.


Learn the Course

After enrolling at least 8 students to the program, you'll get FREE access to our $250-worth PD course.

This comes with a free materials kit so you can follow along as you learn.


Teach It!

Now it's time to apply what you've learned! You'll find lesson plans in your PD that will help you deliver the program in the most engaging way!

**Students will also be receiving their own kits through the school.

Teachers Are LOVING This Program!

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Can I tell you that I have taught a ton of after school classes in my career and this Bitspace Wearables class is a dream come true - seriously. I am Team Bitspace all the way!

— K. Redmond

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I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen. Just the type of compliment to my existing skills – and the safety and training information I will definitely use when I teach this course in the spring.

— Kim, Maker Space Teacher, Massachusetts

Our Best-Selling STEAM Courses to Choose From:


Option 1: Electric Wearables
(Grade Levels: 3 to 8)

*Can be delivered remotely or in person


This fun after-school program teaches kids to combine fabric with electronics to create their very own "smart" wearables.

Think light-up stuffies and sneakers or facemasks with blinking LEDs — If they can dream it, they can build it!

Option 2: Make It! Robots
(Grade Levels: 6 to 8)

*Can be delivered remotely or in person


Each chapter presents a new aspect of using Arduino hardware and software.

Add design prompts and material constraints into the mix, and students build strong coding and engineering skills!

And, when all is said and done, they get to make some really cool robots.

Option 3: RGB Lightboxes
(Grade Levels: 4 to 8)

*Can be delivered remotely or in person


Combining electronics, graphic design, and laser-cutting, students build a unique and expressive creation. It's the perfect introduction to simple circuits with a real and fun purpose behind concepts of basic circuitry.

Students will learn about LED’s, breadboards, potentiometers and more, all the while creating a custom and unique lightbox.

Option 4: Make It! Play It
(Grade Levels: 4 to 8)

*Can be delivered remotely or in person
**Own tools needed


Our Make It, Play It! class allows for true iteration as students create a series of physical rough drafts and build on techniques to gain an understanding of the scope of what they can create.

Each week students learn new skills and tools that they immediately apply.

Option 5: Make It! Race It
(Grade Levels: 3 to 8)

*Can be delivered remotely or in person
**Own tools needed


Feats of strength, speed and beauty abound in our Make It, Race It course.

Students have the opportunity to design, build and test their very own racing vehicle in this hands-on learning project that introduces students to design thinking, and woodshop tools and techniques.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get if You Join This Program

 An extra source of income (Get paid $750 for running this 10-hr program to 10 students!)

 3 Professional Development Hours per program

 FREE access to a $250-worth video training

 Ready-made DAILY lesson plans for 8 to 10 sessions

 Supplies kit delivered to you and your students (up to 12 student kits)

 Marketing materials (in digital format) to help you promote the program

 (Optional) Student Registration. This includes a customized landing page that leads to a direct checkout for enrolling students. You'll be able to see — in real time — all incoming registrations.

PLUS this $250-worth BONUS:

6 months worth of BitSpace's curriculum

Get PLENTY of ideas for applying design thinking and making into your lessons.

Looking for a quick activity to solidify a math lesson and want it to include something tangible? We have that.

Looking for a multi-week project with real-world connections? We've got you covered!


From Fall to Winter, we're accepting only 10 Teachers into the program.


Here's Your Next Step:

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Or, if you need help proposing this idea to your school, we'd be happy to offer you some guidance!

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Meet Sam, Our Director of Learning

In the course of setting up this after-school program, you'll be in touch with Samantha Gleisten, a classroom teacher herself, who started a makerspace program at her school, and is now heading up the Innovation Studio Program for K-8 at RPMS in Chicago.

At BitSpace, Sam supports teachers through training and Professional Development in the field of maker education.

She's an Unsung Heroes awardee, recognized by Voya for her work on implementing a problem solving curriculum in the classroom.

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