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Immerse your child in 5 days of creative opportunities, collaboration, and hands-on learning!

Summer Maker Camp 2024

For Ages 9 - 14!


Choose your child's adventure!

We offer a diverse range of camp themes, each uniquely designed to ignite a new world of interests.

Sign up two kids together and get 10% off the 2nd camper!

Choose Your Camp

Only 18 spots available per camp

Fun Opportunities for Your Child to Flex Their Creative Muscles

Our camps offer more than just projects; they're a springboard for skills that open doors to life’s vast opportunities!


Discover the joy of building from scratch! Your child will gain fundamental woodworking skills, growing confident in their ability to shape ideas and safely handle power tools.


Through engaging activities, your child will develop college-level critical thinking skills, tackling complex challenges with innovative solutions.

21st-Century Skills

Our camps foster essential 21st-century skills, including Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity, equipping your child for the future.

Camp Themes

We're rotating through these themes throughout the summer.

To give your child the best possible experience, please choose a camp that aligns with their skills.

Crash Course 500
Week 1 (June 10 - June 14)
Week 7 (July 22 - July 26)

The classic physics challenge meets woodworking and laser cutting to make egg-saving vessels that will withstand a high-velocity crash test dummy collision, a long-jump competition, and a wildcard challenge made up by the campers!

*This is a great week for newcomers and as a refresher for campers we haven’t seen in a while.

🛠️Required Skills:
motor skills, planning ahead, attention to detail, basic computer skills

Blinded by the Lights
Week 2 (June 17 - June 21)
Week 9 (Aug 5 - Aug 9)

Based on the brilliant success of last summer's Lights and Sound, we're getting brighter and bolder with a full week dedicated to LIGHTS! We'll cover the fundamentals of electricity and prototyping by creating unique tabletop or hanging lamps built from scratch around the timeless design constraint of the humble light bulb.

*This camp is best for all experience levels.

🛠️Required Skills:
motor skills, critical thinking, basic computer skills

Robo Disco
Week 3 (June 24 - June 28)

Sometimes bad robots just want to get down on the dancefloor, and that's exactly what we're doing this week – creating robots that dance!

Campers will plunge into the world of robotics with a fun twist. They'll learn the basics of programming to teach their robots how to move and groove with silly motions and interactivity. 

Get ready to see robots shimmy, shake, and slide as our young makers teach them to move and groove. 

🛠️Required Skills:
computer literacy, dedication, attention to detail

BitCity: The Digital Tour
Week 5 (July 8 - July 12)

Where we're going, we don't need roads! In BitCity, campers embark on a unique journey to create their digital cityscape from the virtual ground up.

From towering skyscrapers to humble corner stores, they will bring their vision of a city to life in detailed 3D models. This week is about exploring the wonders of urban design and digital modeling, as each camper contributes to an ever-growing cityscape.

🛠️Required Skills:
computer literacy, planning ahead, time management, dedication

Warp Speed: Boards and More
Week 6 (July 15 - July 19)

Slide into the most rewarding week—one that stretches the boundaries of creativity and engineering with the art of wood bending!

Campers will discover the thrill of transforming wood into dynamic shapes–from crafting their own skateboards to creating bendy bookshelves. With a mix of glue, clamps, and a dash of imagination, they'll learn that with the right techniques, anything is possible.

🛠️Required Skills:
motor skills, planning ahead, teamwork, dedication, attention to detail

It's Got Potential: Objects in Motion
Week 8 (July 29 - Aug 2)

Join us for a week where engineering meets the fascinating world of physics. Campers will put on their best Rube Goldberg hats to create projects that move with minimal exterior input. No robotics here; this week is all about celebrating movement for movement's sake.

We'll explore the mechanics of movement in everyday objects, sparking inspiration to create unique kinematic wonders.

🛠️Required Skills:
critical thinking, motor skills, planning ahead, time management, dedication

Week 10 (Aug 12 - Aug 16)

After last year's success, InterAct is back for another round! This is the ultimate week of collaboration and creative freedom where campers brainstorm and pitch their ideas to the round table and vote amongst themselves.

The winning concept will then come to life through teamwork.

Will it be a VR underwater dive for lost treasure? A 2-story escape room? No one knows, but we're so excited to find out together! Please note, this week's project will live at BitSpace as a semi-permanent installation.

🛠️Required Skills:
critical thinking, computational thinking,  teamwork, dedication, planning

Turn it Up to 11
Week 11 (Aug 19 - Aug 23)

We'll end the summer on a high note with "Turn it Up to 11"! Campers will delve into the world of circuitry, electronics, and sound movement to create their own booming Bluetooth speakers.

It's a perfect blend of technical learning and creative fun.

They'll design, build, and ultimately take home a speaker that's not just a tool for music but proof of their newfound skills.

Ready to party? Let’s make some noise!


critical thinking, computational thinking, planning ahead

🛠️Required Skills:
critical thinking, computational thinking, teamwork, dedication, planning


What does a typical day at Summer Camp look like?

We kick off the day with a bit of mental stretching to get the body and mind ready and follow it up with an extensive safety and awareness training.

We then set the day's focus and assign campers to partner up or take on tasks individually across a series of stations to advance the development of a project.

Lunch Break: Weather permitting we head outside for some fresh air and fun eat our lunch.

After lunch we jump right back into making progress on the week's project.

In the final hour from Monday to Thursday, we switch gears for free-build time. This is when campers can let their creativity run wild, working on anything they choose that's outside the scope of the weekly theme.

We wrap up the day with a tidy-up session, leaving workspaces clean and ready for the next day!

Why Parents Look Forward to Our Camps

❝ Our son recently attended a school vacation mini camp. At the end of the week, he surprised me with a standing desk for my office. He was so proud of his accomplishment. And I was floored. Thank you BitSpace for encouraging my son to be creative, develop a plan, get dirty and build something cool. ❞

—Marissa, parent

❝ After day one Julie told my husband and I she couldn't wait to get back to the camp the next day. That never happens in our house! She built a skateboard. It started with the design concept, built a mold and then used power tools and muscle to finish the board. She has continued to practice how to use a skateboard and has been recording her progress! Thank you BitSpace for building confidence in a girl in what might be regarded as a boys interest. Super cool and fun. ❞

—Eileen, proud Mum of Julie age 9

What You'll Get

 FIVE (7-hour) days of camp facilitated by professional architects, designers and makers

 Complimentary Before and After Care for when you need some extra time to get to or from work. We watch educational (but fun) videos or brainstorm for free-build

 All the materials needed for the entire week

 Access to state-of-the-art tools and technology (e.g. 3D printers,  programmable electronics, virtual reality integration, and so much more.*)

 Traditional woodworking training 

 Life skills development ( time management, persistence and determination to name a few)

 Direct support from expert guides

 Camper's project to take home with them

 Camp Recap — a summary of the week's activities (with photos) sent via email

All-In Price for 5 DAYS of Camp:

All-In Price for 5 DAYS of Camp:
Only until Feb 2

Choose Your Camp Week

⚠️ Updated Safety Guidelines

To make camp both fun AND safe for everyone, we've updated our health and safety practices:

  • Masking During Specific Activities
    While we've relaxed general mask requirements, masks will be used during high sawdust activities for additional safety. They also help protect campers from airborne particles and dust in the workshop.

  • Health Monitoring
    If your child has a cough or cold symptoms, they will be asked to wear a mask at camp for the safety of all participants. In the event of visible illness symptoms at camp, parents will be expected to pick up their child.

  • No Vaccination Proof Required
    We no longer require proof of vaccination for participation. However, we encourage everyone to follow the latest health guidance to ensure the well-being of all campers and staff.

Thousands of Ideas Brought to Life

Check out some of the incredible projects created by campers with our guidance.

Ready to Sign Up?

Choose a week—or weeks—that work for you!

Each camp runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
*Complimentary before care starts at 8:30 am and after care is until 5:30 pm.

June 10 - June 14


June 17 - June 21


June 24 - June 28


Jul 3 - Jul 7

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