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Treat your kiddo to an extraordinary week (or weeks) of fun this summer!

Summer Maker Camp 2022

For Ages 9 - 13


We're introducing a variety of camp themes to give your child a unique maker experience no matter which week they sign up for!

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Only 16 spots available per camp

Give your child more than a pastime

Fun is a given at our camps, but our students walk away with more than just a project; they also build real-world skills that open them up to greater opportunities in life!


Your child will learn basic woodworking skills to help them build their ideas and grow confident with using power tools.


We'll sharpen your child's ability to solve sophisticated problems in meaningful ways by engaging in college-level critical thinking.

21st-Century Skills

Skills like Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creative Thinking will give your child an edge in a turbulent job market.

Why Parents Look Forward to Our Camps

❝ Our son recently attended a school vacation mini camp. At the end of the week, he surprised me with a standing desk for my office. He was so proud of his accomplishment. And I was floored. Thank you BitSpace for encouraging my son to be creative, develop a plan, get dirty and build something cool. 

—Marissa, parent

❝ After day one Julie told my husband and I she couldn't wait to get back to the camp the next day. That never happens in our house! She built a skateboard. It started with the design concept, built a mold and then used power tools and muscle to finish the board. She has continued to practice how to use a skateboard and has been recording her progress! Thank you BitSpace for building confidence in a girl in what might be regarded as a boys interest. Super cool and fun. 

—Eileen, proud Mum of Julie age 9

Camp Themes

We'll be rotating through these themes (in no particular order) throughout summer:

Crash Course 500
Week 1 & Week 7

Physics challenge meets woodworking and likely laser cutting to make egg saving vessels that will withstand a freefall drop, a front end crash test dummy collision, and a... surprise (probably involving a catapult).

Bad Robots
Week 2 & Week 8

Taking Arduino based or purely mechanical creations a step back from beat em up machines and instead trying to automate a simple task. Think Rube Goldberg but... as a robot!

Lights and Volume
Week 3 & Week 9

A 2022 twist on shop class essentials, we'll cover the fundamentals of electricity and then build light fixtures or home audio devices with all the prototyping tools at our disposal.

Dream Houses
Week 5 & Week 10

Given creative control over a brand new neighborhood, campers will have the opportunity to design, model and build scale versions of their dream house, room, or even city depending on the scope of their vision.

Fashion Futurism
Week 11

Whether building from scratch or remixing something old, we will be adding a layer of design and function to the everyday items of our lives. Backpacks to button ups, if it's lost its luster lets mash it up into something or start up that line of designer wristbands you've been thinking about.

Warping Wood
Week 6

Warping wood is amazing when it happens on purpose and this camp will focus on the structural qualities of the medium by molding hardwood veneer into complex shapes for sports and furnishing.


Typical Day Walkthrough

What do campers do every day?

We kick the day off with a bit of stretching to get the body and mind ready and follow it up with an extensive safety and awareness training.

We then set the day's focus and assign campers to partner up or take on tasks individually across a series of stations to advance the development of a project.


Lunch Break: Weather permitting we eat our lunch and head outside for some fresh air and fun.

Our remaining time in the afternoon will be used for working on projects or openly exploring techniques learned previously. Lastly, campers clean up their workspace before heading home.

What You'll Get

 FIVE (7-hour) days of camp facilitated by professional architects, designers and makers

 Complimentary Before and After Care

 All the materials needed for the entire week

 Access to state-of-the-art tools and technology (e.g. 3D printers,  programmable electronics, virtual reality integration, and so much more.*)

 Traditional woodworking training 

 Life skills development ( time management, persistence and determination)

 Direct support from expert guides

 Camper's project to take home with them

 Camp Recap — a summary of the week's activities (with photos) sent via email

All-In Price for 5 DAYS of Camp:

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Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

We're pulling out all the stops to make sure that BitSpace is completely safe place for your child!


ALL our guides are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. We also ask that our campers present proof of vaccination during drop off.


Everything inside the facility - from tools to frequently touched surfaces - will be disinfected OFTEN.


Everyone will be wearing face masks, working AT LEAST 6 feet apart and will have separate working spaces.


Our 5,000 sq ft space can be occupied by ONLY 16 kids at a time to greatly minimize contact.

We've guided THOUSANDS of ideas into reality

Here are just some of the (so many) cool projects we've helped kids bring to life during last year's summer camp. 

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Choose a week that works for you (you can register for more than one). Each camp runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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July 5 - July 8

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