Supercharge Creativity in Your Classroom While Earning PD Credits

Quick and ACTIONABLE Courses made by master teachers who are actively in the trenches.

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Supercharge Creativity in Your Classroom While Earning PD Credits

Quick and ACTIONABLE Courses made by master teachers who are actively in the trenches.

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Too Time-Strapped for More Training?

We get you. Not every teacher has all the time in the world (or the energy) to be bingeing on TONS of courses that give nothing more than pie-in-the-sky ideas.

You want REAL actionable value you can actually use in the classroom (on top of earning professional development).

We know you've been squeezing training into your busy workday, so we've made our courses completely worth your while — They're all straightforward, easy-to-consume, and self-paced.


Get support from someone who has served over 2000+ teachers in 45 states of the US.

Our CLASSROOM-TESTED Courses Will Help You...

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FULLY ENGAGE your students

Watch your classroom engagement soar like never before!

You'll be creating more hands-on learning opportunities for your students that reignite their love of learning and have them looking forward to every class. (Works remotely or in-person.)

MINIMIZE Teacher Prep Time

Steal the time-saving strategies of savvy teachers who learned firsthand — and the hard way — what works, what doesn't, and what works NOW.

Depending on the course, you'll also get turn-key tools that are ready to use in the classroom. 

Gain Professional Development Credits

Earn the professional development hours you need for licensing!

* BitSpace courses are accredited by the IL Digital Educators Alliance and the IL State Board of Education.  Reciprocal agreements are in place with most states in the US.

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Plug-and-Play Design Challenges

Fire up your students' problem-solving and critical thinking skills with design challenges! Courses in this category also include videos you can assign to students.

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Remote & Blended Learning Strategies

Swipe tried-and-true strategies for motivating your students to engage willingly in a remote (or a hybrid) setting. These courses include real classroom demos.

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STEM & Makerspace Ed

Get the pedagogy, tools & techniques for teaching maker education lessons.

The techniques you'll be learning are remote learning or hybrid learning-ready.

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Enrichment Program Delivery

Learn to deliver enrichment programs that maximize learning (virtually or in-person).

* A side income opportunity is available with this training.

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What Teachers Say About Our Courses

quotation marks“I really enjoyed this course! It was very informative and supports my philosophy of what education should be. I want to thank you also for the thought-provoking exercises.....WOW! Organizing my thoughts and putting my plan on paper really helped me visualize how I was going to utilize this in my classroom. I cannot wait to put my plan into action and share it with my colleagues:)"

Richelle Metz

quotation marks“This was a great course. I enjoyed thinking about how to use more design challenges in my classroom. It was also real in letting me think about my "not-to-do" list. I feel like this can help me when I get back into my non-virtual classroom as well as giving my students optional tasks for home learning and design."

Megan L. Hennessy-Seguin

quotation marks“I really did enjoy the course and learned a lot! It was awesome and I really liked the format. I am thrilled that I will be able to use these materials next year!"

Lori Granite

quotation marks“I learned more in that 45 minutes than maybe ever!"

Deborah Vichos

Meet Your Master Teachers

Melissa Barry

Melissa is committed to creating an engaging classroom on and offline. With over 17 years of instructional leadership and teaching experience, Melissa believes that student success is built from creating meaningful relationships.

Currently an English teacher for Carlsbad Unified School District, she is working with teachers in her district to create robust, engaging learning environments.

Melissa is a former speech and debate coach, ASB director, and is currently the Link Crew Coordinator at her site.

She believes that passion, creativity, and a willingness to take risks, builds culture in any learning environment. 

Samantha Gleisten

Samantha is the Director of Learner Experience Design at BitSpace, where she works to share professional development opportunities in making and constructivist teaching with educators across the country.

Prior to her work with Bit Space, Sam was a classroom teacher for 15 years and was awarded an Unsung Heroes Award by Voya for her work implementing a problem-solving curriculum in the classroom. 

Patrick Benfield

Patrick is a maker educator with 14 years of classroom teaching experience in both public and private schools and is the founding director of two educational makerspaces.

He is also the Lead Mentor for The University of Texas at Austin UTeach Maker teacher fellowship program and the Education Coordinator for Maker Faire Austin.

Most recently, Patrick co-founded  co.lab // Community Makers,  a non-profit fab lab and creative studio that supports people of color, the queer community, the economically disadvantaged, and other underrepresented groups.