Prototyping with Purpose: Human-Centered Engineering Design Challenges

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Get 7 TURN-KEY challenges that are READY-TO-USE in your remote or physical classroom.

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Show students that even "regular" people can make an impact by using their imagination and resources for good

The lessons are designed for a wide range of students from elementary to middle school. Teach them in your own voice, or share the videos directly with your students!

Your Students Will Learn:

  • The Engineering Design Process
  • Empathy and social-emotional learning while understanding limb differences. 
  • How to create a prototype of a prosthetic hand by utilizing design thinking and creativity
  • How to connect prosthetic prototyping to anatomy and biology learning goals
  • The simple machines found within the human body
  • To use analogous thinking to make cross-curricular connections
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Course Lessons

We’ve broken down this series of lessons or challenges into seven parts:

  • Engineering Design Process
  • Using Tech For Good
  • What is a Limb Difference?
  • Getting to Know e-NABLE
  • Understanding Our Anatomy
  • Simple Machines and the Human Body
  • Prototyping Your Prosthesis