Make It, Wearable Electronics!

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This course will introduce students to circuits as they use various electronic components combined with textiles to assist in the creation/modification of smart clothes. Students will be able to express themselves through a combination of engineering and art while learning many new skills; from sewing and making to electronics. This course will give students a basic understanding of soft circuits through a project. Students can then carry that understanding into the creation of additional projects and activities. 

What you'll get:

  • 1 Teacher Wearables & Soft Computing Kit

  • Comprehensive Lessons to Engage Students in Wearable Electronics Projects

  • Foundational understanding in basics of electronics and soft circuits

  • Guidance to create your own “smart” wearable, plushie, or other fabric object. (i.e. a shirt with blinking LEDs, felt monster with light up eyes, etc.)

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