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Prototyping with Purpose

This series of seven challenges engages students in the positive power of engineering and human-centered design. Lessons are designed to make it easy for grade 4-8 teachers to deliver remotely and include instruction as well as videos that can be assigned directly to students.
Centered on the work e-NABLE has done to bring 3D printed prosthetics to people all around the world, students will learn about the Engineering Design Process, how makers and engineers are using that process in the face of Covid-19, the power of empathy in design, anatomy, and simple machines. The culminating challenge gives students the opportunity to create an initial prototype of an upper limb prosthetic. No special equipment necessary! 


Grade Level: 4 - 8

Subjects: Anatomy, Simple Machines, Empathy, Design Thinking

Number of Lessons: 7


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5 Day Design Thinking Challenge

This Design Thinking Challenge is intended to engage students in simple activities that allow them to practice thinking about creating for a specific user (Design Thinking Basics), examining context (Exhaust It!), using senses and observations (Group Poem), analyzing and synthesizing information (Box of Stuff), and practice divergent thinking (1000 Uses).

Each of the 5 challenges includes a video that can be easily downloaded and shared directly with students to create an asynchronous challenge that you can then discuss synchronously. All of the challenges use materials found around the house or in the recycling for an equitable learning experience.


Grade Level: 1 - 5

Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies & Science

Number of Lessons: 5


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"My plan is to give my students daily challenges...this is great. It keeps us thinking and builds on community. Thanks for sharing with us!"

Angela Zinkl

“This was a great course. I enjoyed thinking about how to use more design challenges in my classroom. It was also real in letting me think about my "not-to-do" list. I feel like this can help me when I get back into my non-virtual classroom as well as giving my students optional tasks for home learning and design.”

Megan L. Hennessy-Seguin


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